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Last night, Chet and I were getting Gabriel down for bed.  And, we had quite the laugh.  The conversation went something like this….

Chet:  “So, you don’t like the underwear with pictures on them anymore?”

Gabriel:  “No, they don’t make me feel like a man.”

Chet and I break into hysterical laughter.

Chet:  “Did he really just say that?”

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Gabriel is doing AWESOME!  Okay, I took a cue from Matt Hammitt, lead singer for the band Sanctus Real and primary author of Bowen’s Heart, and that is to be very judicious in the use of exclamation marks.  But, today is a joyful day worthy of emphasis.

Today Gabriel officially was taking off the I.V. full time!  This is truly wonderful news that he doesn’t have to be attached to the tube 24/7 right now.  He will still have the I.V. at night, but he’s been doing well enough and processing enough fluids orally that they were comfortable to allow him the freedom from being attached to the I.V. during the day.  I can’t tell you how much it made me smile just to think about it and to see him able to walk around without managing his tubes.

We got the results of his bone marrow and spinal tap, and both have moved positively in the right direction.  Gabriel has made significant progress.

Compounding the wonderful day, last nights round of chemo went effectively unnoticed by Gabriel.  It’s amazing, but he hasn’t had any of the unfortunate side effects from the Chemo so far.  He’s just been a happy, fun loving, bouncy little boy today, and those are things that just make Chet and I feel so fortunate and blessed.

Looking back on this past year, it’s been a amazing year.  Here is our 2010 in review:

After a 5 month marathon of remodeling, we sold our beloved Craftsman home in Reno and purchased our now beloved home in Washoe Valley.

We made a terrific trip to Lava Beds National Monument.

During the escrow closing and moving and getting adjusted, Gabriel has surgery to repair a perforated ear drum that hadn’t healed after one of his ear tubes fell out.

This past summer, Chet ran the Western States 100 in his best 100 miler time ever thanks to the hard pushing of George and Scott.

But, a 100 miler with Chet isn’t just focusing on the task at hand, it’s full of laughter and good times, including a bit of pre-race nervous energy expenditures.

(p.s. I left out the non “G” rated images)

Eating a healthy breakfast…

And then enjoying some well deserved time off the feet with your pacers.

Chet three weeks later ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 for the 5th consecutive year.

Gabriel started First Grade and Rebeka had her very first pedicure.

There’s been a bit of home remodeling.

I kind-of-sort-of got another half-marathon under my belt.

Found MY beer …

Gabriel became a Cub Scout.

And we ended the year with a bang here at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

Wishing everyone a Banana Happy New Year!

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Yes, it has come and gone, but I had a blast this year making the kids costumes.  It all started with G saying that he wanted to be an Indian.  Okay, even I could make an Indian costume.  We debated several options for Beka’s costume, most were not very “P.C.” and ultimately we decided that she should be a little Indian too.

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I’m not very good at that.  So here’s some pictures of the completed costumes on the kids

It was really fun to make the costumes, considering I haven’t fired up the sewing machine in more than a decade.  For G’s costume, the fabric I purchased had a fringe laser cut into it already.  But, I hadn’t planned on using that fringe, as the pattern for his costume called for making the fringe yourself, which I was good with.  Though, after cutting hundreds of strips, I think my hands would have celebrated another alternative.

He was so excited, I swear he’s been wearing the costume off and on for over a week already.

To tie the costume together, as I wasn’t about to make or purchase a full head dress or war bonnet, so I put together his headband and sent him out into the backyard to find some chicken feathers for the headband.  Somehow, I managed to line up the pattern on the headband.  Trust me, it was completely unintentional.

Amazingly, his costume only took me about a full day to make.  Which, like I said, for not sewing for a decade was good in my book.

B’s costume took me about 4.5 hours on night (the night before her school party).  It was a blast to make.

The pattern for her costume specified purchasing fringe, which I declined to do at the tune of $7.00/yard.  I figured I could make fringe for far less and intentionally purchased extra fabric.  Then, after I had finished G’s costume and had all this left over fringe, I realized, I already had pre-made fringe.  My hands sang a chorus of “Hallelujah!”   So, I incorporated the fringe from the fabric for G’s costume into her dress.  I made some modifications to the pattern, and I am pleased with the outcome.

Sunday, with the help of my Mom, I was able to get some pretty even ponytails in place and I had brought along a couple strips of the fabric and wrapped her ponytails with the strips.  All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the finished product.

It of course turned chilly on Halloween here, which necessitated wearing a layer under the costumes.  Looking back, the biggest change I would have made to their costumes would have been the shoes.  G wore his cowboy boots, which looked fine, but if the two had been in moccasins, that would have been totally over the top.

The only complaint from G was the fact that he didn’t get his spear made.  *Sigh*  I left that project up to him and his daddy.  But, life is busy.  It would have been neat to use on of the arrowheads G’s found on our property for his spear.  Oh well.

Trick or treating was wonderful, and it was so stinking cute when Beka figured it out.  After the second house, I look behind me and she’s sat down on the sidewalk and was digging in her bag.  She was delighted in the experience of going and saying “ticka ticka teet” and being rewarded with goodies deposited in her bag.

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